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Campaign Forecasting

Eliminate Guesswork, Plan with Precision

Data Visualization

Uncover Opportunities in Your Player Base

Player Development

Empower Hosts & Nurture Relationships

Campaign Efficiency

Schedule Revenue, Not Spreadsheets

Digital Integration

Connect to Players Across Every Channel
Casino Digital Marketing

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Direct Mail + Digital

Transitioning to digital communications requires both the right tools and the right strategies to be effective. AIM's email marketing and players club portal integrations can help make your casino's digital transformation as seamless as possible.

Email Marketing

Create custom, criteria-driven player lists, segments and offers, then deploy your email campaigns directly from AIM.

Player Portals

Let your players view account information 24/7 and actively manage customer relationships for maximum engagement.

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Our Expertise Works For You

Tap into over thirty years of experience managing casino marketing campaigns and strategizing for optimum performance. From setup to deployment, email design to technical help, our consultants work with your team on every facet of your casino marketing, generating insights and driving results that truly move the needle.

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Success Stories

AIM Eases the Transition to Digital

A Native American casino used our casino marketing software to transition 40% of their direct mail campaigns to digital by delivering their bounce-back campaign through AIM’s built-in email marketing system. AIM’s marketing and analysis tools provided an automated redemption analysis and revealed several issues with the casino's original queries. Using this insight, the marketing team was able to identify a new segment of players they could market to while also reducing costs and turnaround time.