Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Scalable, Personal, Streamlined

AIM’s casino email marketing software ties directly into its marketing campaign management features, letting your team create player lists and campaign segments, deploy campaigns, and analyze results all in one place. Spend your time driving revenue, not manually shuffling spreadsheets.

Segment Audiences
Personalize Content
Schedule Campaigns
Lifecycle Targeting
Real-Time Analysis
ROI Reporting

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Success Stories

AIM Eases the Transition to Digital

A Native American casino used our casino marketing software to transition 40% of their direct mail campaigns to digital by delivering their bounce-back campaign through AIM’s built-in email marketing system. AIM’s marketing and analysis tools provided an automated redemption analysis and revealed several issues with the casino's original queries. Using this insight, the marketing team was able to identify a new segment of players they could market to while also reducing costs and turnaround time.